90 Day Challenge!!!!

Today, I am writing from a super honest and humble place. I have been a horrible blogger, but as always, I have to remember, I write on my blog when I want to. I never committed to writing daily or having sponsors, because at this point in my life, I know myself...and I'm not going to write every day. With that said, today isn't going to be the funniest post you've ever read. Some of you are going to completely, 100% relate to me, and some of you will think I'm a complete food addict and totally not understand me, and that is fine. I am writing this post to encourage, and also to hold myself accountable...because there is something about putting this junk publically out on the internet...Can I get an amen?

So, weight. Who really likes talking about it? I never have. All my life growing up, I always was a little chunker muffin. Looking back, I don't remember feeling bad about myself or even being bothered by my weight. I just remember that I always felt a little chunky, but I never put my hope or focus in it. I have God to thank for that, because He placed me in amazing home with amazing parents who never focused on that (now, I kind of want to kill my parents wishing they had put more emphasis on it-haha, totally kidding MOMMY, who I know will get the email that I posted on my blog)!

Anyhow, moving onto middle school, I lost  a lot of my baby fat. I don't have a clue as to how I did other than just growing up and going through puberty. I didn't diet or try to...it just kind of happened.

Moving onto high school...my weight was all over the place. I remember being pretty thin in 9th grade, then I remember being huge in 10th grade (this is probably the heaviest I ever was in my life until this year) and then, my senior year, I thinned down to what I would consider the thinnest I have ever been in my life. Again, none of this was intentional. My best friend and I got in a huge fight, and deep down it just really bothered me and I just remember never being hungry and losing a ton of weight unintentionally. I would eat, but only a few bites here and there and I would be full. Kinda strange...

Then, during college, I was still thin, my bestie and I made up and low and behold, I put about 10 pounds back on. I was very healthy looking at this point. Not fat, not skinny...just healthy for a 5'7" girl. When I got engaged, I guess the stress of engagement, planning, and graduating college were some of the reasons I ended up losing weight again...unintentionally At the time of my wedding, I was down about 10 pounds and I felt great. Again, I am noticing a pattern with different situations in my life causing me to either overeat or undereat. I don't have an eating disorder, but it's amazing how food is so prevalent in my life. It's like if I'm happy or celebrating something, I know we are going to celebrate with a meal. If I'm sad about something or angry, I know I want to eat a meal and usually it involves eating too much. Kinda crazy how this can be.

With that said, I joined Leigh Anne's 90 Day Challenge! We are on week 2 and basically, we have set goals for 30, 60, and 90 days and are helping hold each other accountable. I downloaded the myfitnesspal app which I highly recommend to anyone looking to lose weight or just learn more about what he or she is taking in each day. It's super easy to use and has opened my eyes to how many calories I take in. A few weeks back, I was probably consuming around 2,500 calories a day. This isn't fun to admit, but it's TRUTH.

Not gonna lie, something as simple as these new shoes has been a huge motivating factor :)
I've set some goals for the next 90 days and hope to really start feeling better. I am taking the time to talk about all of this to help encourage any of you who are struggling. The thing that stinks about struggling with food is that we need food to live, so we come in contact with it all day, every day. I just want to encourage you that you can do anything you put your mind to with Christ. His word tells us this truth in Philippians 4:13.

I would also encourage anyone looking to receive encouragement to read Romans 6 and Romans 12:1-2. We are not mastered by anything as believers. We can do ALL things with Christ. Food doesn't have to be our idol. We can make healthy choices and in turn, not only get healthier, but look better and just feel better about ourselves. There's absolutely nothing wrong with this. We are God's temple, and He wants us to take care of ourselves. Like I said, I don't say this from a vain point of view, but from a getting healthy point of view! Anyhow, I encourage you to make healthy choices this week, and I will be posting from time to time as I continue on this journey! If you are down in the dumps, feel free to contact me privately. I would love to encourage you! There is a link on the right handside of my blog that says "Email Me."

If you have myfitnesspal, add me! My username is "mrsbdowning" :)
Have a great week!


Lions, Tigers and Fashion OH MY! said...

Yay, good for you :) Have fun! I really wan those tennis shoes maybe that will motivate me too ;) Hope you have a good day! xoxo

bnfunky said...

Thank you so much! This will definitely be a hard walk and journey for me, but I know it will be worth it! The tennis shoes are definitely a plus! Hehe :) Thank you for the encouragement!

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