Oh, How Pinteresting Wednesday's :)

I know some may call this a lazy post, but let me just say this is one of my favorite things to do! I LOVE pinterest...I love linking up! AND....usually, when I share something with y'all, it makes me actually get motivated to do it. Today, most of my pins are going to be organization tools for the home...mostly kitchen and office area. I am currently trying to organize a junk room at our house that has CRAP everywhere, and Josh said when it's finished he will help me get the office stuff going. I would like for us both to have desks and I'm thinking mine may be the cute little closet type one and then we will have a corner unit for him :)

Here are some of the things that I've pinned. Either I have pinned them because they are functional/organized or I just think they're cute!

I like this pin because of the simplicity/decor facor. This is also functional with the shelves and baskets. Probably too small of an area for us, but still....I like it!

Source: bhg.com via Brooke on Pinterest

I love this little desk because of the little holders for mail, books, etc. and I LOVE the wainscoting in the back. Again, a little small for me, but great ideas for built ins.

I love this from top to bottom. The built ins, the little cushion seat, the desk area. SO CUTE!

Moving onto kitchen organization:

Does anybody's fridge ACTUALLY look like this? If so, props to you.

Source: google.com via Brooke on Pinterest
Love the idea of having all of my baking sheets and pyrexes being ORGANIZED and not all crammed in a drawer where you don't even remember what all you have.

Source: bhg.com via Brooke on Pinterest

Source: kitchens.com via Brooke on Pinterest

Source: kitchens.com via Brooke on Pinterest
Great storage for pots and pans
Lastly, I leave you with MY FAVORITE Hollywood couple! :)
Source: google.com via Brooke on Pinterest

I like to think of myself as Khloe and my honey boo boo as Lam :)
So.......let's see if I get to organizing this weekend. My excuse during the week is that I work all day. I'm sure I'll find an excuse this weekend too!

Have a great week :) Don't forget to link up with Michelle!


Purposely at Home said...

oh my goodness! that fridge is u-mazing!!! i hope you have lots of success in your organization adventures. :)


Rachel said...

I saw the 1st and 3rd pics on Pinterest too when I was browsing on there - I can't wait to have a house of my own and be able to organize it! :) Good luck on your organizing! <3

p e b b z said...

oh my gosh i cant even choose a favourite out of these pins... soo many!! the pull out shelves... the seriously organised fridge... the second little desk area eeek!! love love! xo

pebbz | www.pebbzblog.blogspot.com

Lyndsey said...

I love the nook desk! I knew someone with almost the same exact thing! But it was in like a $3 million house! Eep!

Ashley said...

All of this organized stuff makes me so happy!

I just love Khloe and Lamar. She is my fav one by far!

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