...because I'm fancy! Meet my friend, Lara :)

I have an important friend in my life that I need to take a moment and tell y'all about!! I'm really excited to share her with y'all :) Lara! Lara is my amazing lady friend's name! How did I meet Lara you ask? Well, I was working at a tanning bed a few years back, and she tanned there! I remember immediately liking her and her smile. I developed a relationship with a lot of our tanners, and I always looked forward to Lara coming in. There are some important things you need to know about good ol' Lara. First, she is NAIL POLISH OBSESSED. Second, she is dog obsessed....with her dachshund, Coco, I might add. Next, she is married to an awesome dude, and they are perfect for each other...and they love sushi! Lastly, Lara loves the Lord and she is just one of those well put together girls that has a super calming presence that is contagious to be around!

How cute is she?!
Crazy thing about Lara and I's friendship is that it really only stayed at the tanning bed, but we did hang out a few times outside of work. We have stayed in touch for the past 3 years via email and text, but decided to hang out a few weeks back after not seeing each other in roughly 2 years. We had a GREAT TIME. Like I said, she is just one of those girls that is awesome to be around.

Well, why am I telling you this? Other than the fact that I just want to take a second to honor a sweet girl, I want you to check out her blog!!! She just started one a few months ago, and she needs some love, y'all :) She posts the cutest stuff! What are some of the awesome topics you might find on her blog? Nails...duh! Her pup, on Valentine's Day! And let me tell ya, this girl gets DEEP sometimes. Like today, I love love loveeee what she wrote about...being content! Contentment is something that I really believe all women (and even men) struggle with from time to time...wanting more, being envious of others, etc. I think this can be super tough in the blogging world...yeah, I said it. You see someone's cute little outfit, or cute little body, or you read about how awesome their life is and how they have 3 kids, a full time job, an awesome relationship with their husband, they craft every night, clean for 10 minutes per day to have the perfect clean house, manage all of their relationships, and have all of this energy all the time. Yeah.....let's face it. We don't always have this ability, and contentment can be a struggle. Well, Lara shared today about being content where she's at! I have to admire a girl for that these days :) Anyhow, this post doesn't even fully touch on how awesome of a girl she is! She is always smiling, always perking others up. Please, please, please....go say hi and click her Follow button or subscribe so you can stay up to date with her ramblings :)

Have a great night! Oh, and check out a few things I'm selling here!


Lara Ann said...

Brooke - you are so precious! I'm blushing!! W/out making everyone sick about how sweet we are on each other - I love that we've been in touch, meeting each other just off the street. Now, I have my tan towel but we have our nails! ahh... bliss. Thanks for the shout out, and I welcome newcomers! xoxo

de8217cc-0f96-11e1-bf21-000bcdcb2996 said...

i have been lovin' me some lara ann for about... oh 19 years now! ouch, i feel old. but she will always be 14 months older than me! :0

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