Lately I’ve found that listening to Christian music REALLY DOES make a difference in my day to day life. Yes, there ARE still a TON of secular songs/artists that I love...but I HAVE to listen to Christian music on the way to work to start my day. I found that in making myself do that for awhile, I have really grown to love listening to this music because it is always positive. It’s amazing how much God speaks to me through music. A few years ago, I would say Christian music kinda had a bad rap in my brain. I don’t mean to diss anyone out there, but we all know some of those cheesy songs that make us cringe. Well, I honestly think that artists have taken a turn, and a lot of the new Christian music that is out now is pretty hip. Maybe God just changed my heart, and now I love cheese ball music :) With that said, I thought I’d leave y’all with my favorites of the moment. If you have anything I should download, PLEASEEEEEEE let me know!!!

“Rise” -Shawn McDonald
“Stronger” -Mandisa
“The Way” -Jeremy Camp
“Closer”-Shawn McDonald
“Divine Romance” -Phil Wickham
“Like an Avalanche” -Hillsong United
“Love Song for a Savior” -Jars of Clay (OLLLLDDDD school, but I still LOVE this song)
“Salvation is Here” -Hillsong Chapel (This whole Chapel album is really chill and acoustic)
“Your Love is Strong” -Jon Foreman
“Between You and Me” -dc Talk (Another oldie but goodie)
“All of Creation” -MercyMe
“Wondrous Cross” -Celebration Worship Fuse EP (This whole EP is INCREDIBLE)
-Here are the titles of the rest of the songs on the EP (All of which are EPIC):
-The Glory Of You
-We Will Seek You
-The Prayer
-Not Alone


Carly Coffman said...

phil wickham- "at your name" (yahweh, yahweh) his new album drops in october but this is a single that was released this past week!

Jessi Odell said...

Matthew West's "Strong Enough" was my favorite Christian song on the radio this week. Love the story behind it. I also love Laura Story's "Blessings". I totally agree with this post & ALWAYS listen to The Promise on the way to work. It helps me get in the right frame of mind for the day. Love you girl!

Eliza said...

I love all of those songs too! You also need to look up the band Gungor. Their new CD called Beautiful Things is so good! I agree with you completely...Christian music is the best way to continually remind yourself to have a constant attitude of worship. Thanks for sharing!

Magan said...

I try to do the same thing on my commute to work! I also started listening to the Word of Promise audio Bible and it's pretty good. I know most of the songs on your list but there's a few I'm going to look up on iTunes! I just love your inspirational and positive blogging my beautiful friend!

bnfunky said...

I LOVE Strong Enough!!! Totes forgot to include that one!

Also, I LOVE Gungor, but I don't have their whole album. I will definitely check them out!!!

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