How we told our families we were expecting

See "Baby #2" post if you would like to read about me finding out I was pregnant.

So, after Fen and I told Josh the news, I told him I couldn't keep this from our families. When we were pregnant with Fen, we waited to tell them and this time I didn't want to. My mother in law was leaving town that night and wouldn't be back for a few days, so we decided we would wait to tell Josh's side of the family until that weekend when we were all together. 

That night, I asked me parents if they wanted to meet us for Mexican. This wasn't uncommon for us to do, so I knew no one would be suspicious of us at this point. The game plan was to tell them at dinner. Well, I happened to be off work that day and went to hangout with my grandma and aunt during the day. They were going to make raw kibbie (Syrian food) for lunch. This is a meal where you eat raw meat...definitely a no no for pregnancy. The reason they were going to make this is because I had requested it a few weeks ago. As they talked about lunch, I was thinking to myself, UH OH. If I tell them I don't want raw kibbie for lunch, they will immediately know I'm pregnant because there's no other reason I would not eat this. I casually said, "how about we take Fen to Chick Fil A? That would be fun?" They said, "but I thought you wanted raw kibbie?" I told them I just wasn't in the mood. Immediately, my grandma said, "ARE YOU PREGNANT?" Sh*T. How do you lie to your grandma? Unfortunately, I immediately smiled and started laughing and spilled the beans. In retrospect, I'm kind of happy it happened this way, because the look on their faces was GREAT! I forced them not to tell mom, dad, and my brother. Well now, Maga (my grandma) was roped in. She was going to keep Fen that night so we could go get Mexi with the family and not deal with Fen running around like a hyena and freaking out about sitting in his high chair. She begged me to wait until after dinner when we got back to the house so we could tell the family in front of her. Josh and I agreed. 

Fast forward to dinner. We went over to my parents house to drop Fen off with my grandma and left for dinner. Man, that dinner felt like an eternity. We love queso, so I had a bad a feeling everyone would notice right off he bat I wasn't eating it. Like clockwork, they did. I made up some dumb story about meat and they razzed me the entire time about being on some vegetarian diet to lose weight. I just let them dig at me so I didn't give it away. The great thing is my family doesn't pay attention to pasteurization so it never crossed their mind that was the reason I wasn't eating queso. 

After dinner, we went back to my parents. ARE YOU STILL READING THIS? If so, I commend you. The only person interested in this isn't even alive yet, but hey, I have to document this for my baby! 

When we got there, Maga told us that Fen was saying a new word and she wanted us all to see. So the whole family was sitting there watching Fen talk, when I said, "Fen, why don't you tell everyone how you're going to have a little brother or little sister?" Well, what do you know? My family wasn't listening to me. So, I said it again. At this point, everyone is still chattering and not paying much attention, except Trey. All of a sudden Trey says, "WAIT, WHAT?????" I had to repeat myself one more time. Next, was the look of shock. My mom looked like she was seriously confused? "Huh? Are you pregnant?" To which I said, "YES, I AM!" The next thirty minutes were spent with my family in shock...excited...laughing...freaking out! It was a lot of fun!

That weekend, we were going with my in-laws to a "Sip & Sea" for one of our sweet friends' grand babies! The party was right during Fen's nap and close to my in-laws' house, so I asked my mother-in-law if we could bring Fen to their house afterwards so he could nap and we could just hangout. She agreed. Last minute, my brother in law got sick, so we FaceTimed them and told them thew news. This was exciting because she is due in October, so our kids are only going to be a few months apart! Woohoo! After the Sip & Sea, we went to the Downing's. We got Fen down for a nap, and we were sitting there with my mother-in-law, father-in-law, and one of my sister-in-laws. We told them we had some news, and my sister-in-law immediately guessed! Little stinker! It was a lot of fun....followed by my mother-in-law realizing there would be two new grand babies within a matter of months!! Let the crazy begin!!!!

Here goes nothin'.....TWINS!

See "Baby #2" if you would like to read about us finding out I was pregnant! We found out I was pregnant on Thursday, April 9, 2015. My OB/GYN practice requires blood work, and then they will do an ultrasound after your lab results come in. This meant that I had to wait to have my ultrasound on Wednesday, April 29th. Talk about making me go crazy. In the scheme of life, I realize this isn't a big deal, but since I was a little unsure of dates with my cycle, I was dying to have my ultrasound to confirm how far along I was. Not to be graphic, but ever since I gave birth to Fen, my periods have been irregular which makes no predictability for ovulation. Well, my guess of 11 weeks was wrong.

Josh and I went to my appointment together, and let me tell you...the night before was like Christmas eve. I'm not sure why, but I had a few dreams that I was having twins, so I was ready to put this twin business to bed. I was so antsy and ready to see that heartbeat on the ultrasound.

Anyhow, I went into the exam room alone since Josh was mortified by watching my pap smear when I was pregnant with Fen. Again, TMI, but when I was pregnant with Fen, the doctor forgot to tell Josh that he didn't have to sit in the exam room for my pap smear, so after Josh witnessed my pap smear, I decided to go easy on him this time and let him just come in for the sonogram. HAHAHA! So, after we were done with my pap and exam, my doctor got the ultrasound ready and said it was time for Josh to come in the room. At this point, I am laying spread eagle with my doctor who I love (shoutout to Dr. Joe), but I couldn't see the ultrasound screen. In walks Josh, and Dr. Joe immediately says, "um, Josh....I think you might want to sit down for this." At this point, Dr. Joe turned the ultrasound screen, and he said, "here are your babies!" 

WHHHHAATTTT?!?!?!?!?!??! HUH?!?!?!?!! APRIL FOOLS? DA HAIL????? Shut the front door! US....TWINS?!?!?!?!

Right about this time, I start wailing crying and screaming and uncontrollably laughing and snorting and making all sorts of weird sounds. I look over at Josh, and he is tearing up because we are just in AWE!!!! What a miracle, and what a shock! I wish we would've filmed our reaction, but then again, we had no clue what we were walking into. I kept looking at the babies in adoration and gratitude, but also in sheer panic of oh my gosh, what is life going to become? Dr. Joe is so awesome, and we had a few good laughs with him. After Josh picked his jaw up off the floor, he started saying, "Brooke knew it! She is a prophet! I don't know what is up with my wife, but she was claiming this! She is a prophet!" It was hilarious. We were all laughing and crying and giggling and gosh...I don't even know what else. At this point, Dr. Joe told me to get dressed so we could go talk in the office. He left Josh and I alone, and I just sat there blankly for a second, crying even harder with tears of thanksgiving, and then I had to go hug my number one. Josh was so reassuring in that moment even though I knew he was freaking out thinking how are we going to raise twins with a 2.5 year are we going to do this are we going to do this mentally....etc. All of the crazy things your mind starts doing as you start processing. Still, he hugged me and held onto me and reassured me that things would be okay, and we are doing this, ready or not! WHEW! It felt good to hear this coming from Josh, because, for those of you who know Josh, let's face it....he's a jokester, and this mama wasn't in the mood for jokes. Anyhow, at that point, we went and talked to Dr. Joe and discussed what all of this meant since a twin pregnancy changes the game a bit, and there is more required in terms of appointments and prenatal care. I am not even sure Josh and I were listening, as we were still in SHOCK. It was a sweet, crazy, afternoon.

I'm not even going to go into details about telling our families, because honestly, it is basically the same story. We basically just kept showing family members and close friends the picture of the ultrasound, so that we could watch their reaction when they realized there were two babies. The reactions have been a lot of fun! Thank you, everyone who has been so excited for us! We are so blessed with amazing friends and family who laugh with us, cry with us, comfort us, and listen to us. We do not take it for granted. 

So, let's see if I have finally earned rights to a mini-van since we will soon be Downing, party of 5!!!! HOLLER!
REVISION: Since writing this blog post a few weeks ago, I now have a mini van. If everyone would take a second to message Josh to tell him that we are still cool, that would be greatly appreciated. . . .
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