A Day in the Life of bnfunky

Sometime between 4-6am: Hear little footsteps walking into our bedroom. Lean over, grab Fen, throw him in the middle and go back to sleep. 

6am: Oh, $h*T, no. Did I just hear a baby? Reach hand over to grab monitor. Yep, Daisy is starting to stir. Let me see if she will go back to sleep (I already know the answer is no). Get up and go put her paci in praying this stretches her til 6:45-7ish.

6:03am: Nope. 

6:05am: Go put paci back in. 

6:30am: Daisy is officially past the little fussy sounds and is full on screaming. Time for a bottle. 

6:40am: Tiptoe out of bed so I don't wake up Fen. Pee, brush teeth, put on glasses. Head to kitchen to heat bottles.  

6:45am: Change Daisy's diaper and get her dressed for the day if I'm feeling really enthusiastic. 

6:50am: Change Dalton's diaper and get him dressed for the day if I dressed Daisy. 

6:55am: Feed Daisy then put her in rock n play. 

7:15ish or whenever I'm done feeding Daisy: Feed Dalton then put him in rock n play. 

7:30ish: Drink coffee in peace while watching Good Morning America unless Fen is up. If Fen is up, fix chocolate milk and breakfast while watching Goofy Baby or Minnie's Picnic for the 100th time (all the while, Daisy is usually screaming crying this entire time). 

8am: Put a load of clothes in the laundry if I want to have enough burp cloths to last a day. Prepare bottles for the day. 

8:15am: Put babies down for nap. 

8:18am: Go clean up Daisy's spit up in her crib that usually happens within the first 5 minutes of putting her down. 

8:20am: Play with Fen, eat, or take him out in the backyard if I feel like being the best mom ever. Watch tv if I'm feeling mediocre.

At this point, I'm either cleaning, loading or unloading the dishwasher, switching the laundry load, or let's face it snapchatting while Fen plays. 

10am: Change Daisy's diaper. 

10:05am: Change Dalton's diaper. 

10:10am: Feed Daisy. 

10:30am: Feed Dalton. 

10:45am: Fen snack. 

11:00am: Get dressed for the day if I decide to get out of pajamas. 

11:15am: Put babies down for nap. 

11:18am: Go clean up Daisy's spit up in her crib. 

11:30am: Straighten house and the bajillion toys. Switch laundry load/fold clothes and put away. THERE IS ALWAYS A LOAD OF LAUNDRY TO BE WASHED. ALWAYS. 

12:00pm: Fix lunch and eat with Fen. Slam head against wall as I put on Mickey again while I fix lunch. If I get lucky, Fen will want The Wizard of Oz or Winnie the Pooh. 

12:30pm: Make phone calls for doctors appointments/insurance issues/look at calendar. Get mad because I always seem to do this while people are closed for lunch. Will I ever learn? Nope.

1:00pm: Change Daisy's diaper. 

1:05pm: Change Dalton's diaper. 

1:10pm: Feed Daisy. 

1:30pm: Feed Dalton. 

1:45pm: Put Fen down for nap. 

2:00pm: Straighten up the den. Clean up lunch/do dishes/load dishwasher. 

2:15pm: Put babies down for nap. 

2:18pm: Clean Daisy's spit up. 

2:20pm: Do one more load of laundry if I'm behind. 

2:30pm: All my kids are asleep. Mess around on phone. Make phone calls. Clean. Get dinner prepped/ready. Read my bible and devo. Watch a show if I'm feeling like I deserve a reward (haha, only kidding. Well, sorta). 

3:00-3:30ish: Fen wakes up. Cuddle time on the couch. He will immediately want a snack. 

4:00pm: Change Daisy's diaper. 

4:05pm: Change Dalton's diaper. 

4:10pm: Feed Daisy. 

4:30pm: Feed Dalton. 

4:45pm: Start asking Josh when he will be home. At this point, I need to mentally prepare if I'm going to have an adult conversation in the next hour or so or if he will be late. After I find out the answer, Fen and I usually scramble around the house and clean before J gets home. 

5:15pm: Put babies down for nap, and start cooking dinner. 

5:30-6pm: Usually Josh gets home at some point and takes Fen outside to shoot hoops or play. 

6-6:15pm: Eat dinner after the boys are done playing. 

6:45pm: Bathe Fen and one baby at a time. The bath assembly line is the sweetest and most stressful part of the day. I can't wait until the babies can sit up and bathe together. Fun times to be had by all :)

7:10pm: Josh gets Fen dressed in pajamas while I finish getting the babies dressed and ready for bed. 

7:30pm: Josh and I both feed a baby at the same time. 

8ish: Put babies in their cribs for the night. 

8:30ish: Josh puts Fen to bed while I prep bottles for the night/next morning, clean the kitchen, finish laundry if I'm not done folding and putting it away. Sometimes I am washing the same load for the second or third time if I let it sit too long and it's STANKY.

8:45pm: At this point I debate going out to Target or Publix by myself, but staying home usually wins. 

9pm: Either watch tv (football) with Josh or get in bed to watch my own shows or read. Most of the time watching Reign wins over watching football AGAIN. 

11:00pm: Usually I am asleep by now. If not, I'm usually laying down filled with anxiety that in just a few, short hours I'll be awake again feeding my little nocturnal angels. 

1-2am: Daisy usually cries to let me know it's time for her to eat. Dalton usually seems fine like he could sleep longer, but I go ahead and feed him anyway.  

Repeat cycle of Fen getting in our bed early in the morning. Pray like crazy that the weekend comes soon!

Daisy and Dalton's 2 Month Update

The twins were two months on December 19th! They have grown so much, and things seem to become more "normal" each day. We are still following Moms On Call, and although I wanted to quit about a month ago, I am so glad we didn't! I was having a problem with the babies not being able to stay awake long enough to move onto the next schedule, but they had outgrown the newborn schedule. When I started looking to see if people had similar problems, I saw that the authors have come out with a "transitional" schedule that isn't in the book yet. I am SO glad I found this, because it's the perfect little routine for them right now. I still highly recommend this schedule to anyone with multiples or anyone who just likes routines in general. The schedule is working really great, and everything is so predictable. I didn't realize that by having some routine and a game plan, it would make it easier for me to leave the kids with Josh or my mom/MIL/babysitter to get out for a little bit. I don't like being rigid, but at least if I have to go to the doctor or just need to get in my car and get the heck out of dodge, I can tell whoever is staying home what needs to be done at around what time, and it makes things less stressful for them. Well, actually, maybe I should let them speak for themselves!!! I can see my only reader, my mom grinning right about now. HAHA!!!

That being said, another thing I have learned is how you really can't compare your children. Fen was always off the charts or ahead of the game. From day one, he was 99% on weight, height, and head circumference. He also reached milestones before the expected date. I don't say this to brag, but it's actually been quite humbling with the twins. They really are not at the level of your average 10 week old. Truly, this doesn't bug me, but I just catch myself thinking things like, Fen had already smiled by now, Fen was cooing by now, Fen started to roll over at 4 months, and the list goes on. This is simply not the case with our preemies. The doctors told us that we would need to take into account their "adjusted age," meaning, they are only supposed to be exactly 4 weeks old this week since they were due December 1st. Until they are 2 years old, the babies will always be evaluated on that date. For example, if the typical baby starts smiling around 8 weeks, it will be closer to 14-15 weeks for them. If the average baby sits up at about 6-7 months, it will be closer to 8.5-10 months for them. I have to continually remind myself that this is okay and to not wish time away. I don't really get caught up in the milestones as much as I just love when babies start to respond to you. There's something so special when this starts to happen. For me, things seem to get easier when they outgrow the "colic" stage and just enjoy laying on the floor and playing on a play mat. Oh wait, a lot of babies already enjoy that, but ours don't! We love them with all of our hearts now, but when they start smiling back and loving on you, it's just so sweet!

Onto the next topic: we have reflux babies. When the babies were in the NICU, we had to try a few different formulas to see which one their bodies would digest best. Finally, after trying multiple formulas, we settled on Enfamil A.R. which stands for Added Rice. This seemed to be thicker and the rice starch helped Daisy and Dalton keep their formula down. We were also told that closer to a premature baby's due date, he or she will start acting more like a normal baby. This could not have been any more true. Literally, the week of Daisy and Dalton's due date, Daisy started to projectile vomit/spit up a ton. I thought she had a virus. Then, a few days after she started spitting up, Dalton started to as well. He definitely didn't spit up as bad as her, but he was still spitting up more than normal. Fast forward about 7 days and they were both still doing this. It turns out they didn't have a virus, and this is just good ol' reflux. We tried a few different formulas (Gentlease, Prosobee, Nutramigen), and now we have settled on Similac Alimentum. Even with a daily medication (Axid) and Similac Alimentum with rice cereal, Daisy still spits up. The difference now is that they both don't cry out in pain as much. THANK GOD! I also decided to try some different bottles because they were both hysterical after every single feeding. We were using Dr. Brown's bottles which are supposedly the best for air/gas, but I decided to give Playtex Ventaire a whirl and their crying has significantly lessened. I think it has something to do with the venting and the different nipples, so we will stick with these bottles for them and see how it goes. This brings me back to my last point of outgrowing colic and fussiness. You can't lay reflux babies down on the floor flat after a feeding. They have to be elevated, so right now it feels like their lives consist of nothing but sitting in the rock n plays and then naps in their crib. I'm excited for when I can lay them flat on their play mats and they can start looking up at mobiles/grasping toys!

Next topic: sleep. The babies currently have their last feeding at 7:15 and go to bed at about 8:15-8:30. They sleep til somewhere around 1-2 am and then sleep til around 6:30-7am. I honestly have no complaints. I was exhausted in the beginning getting up 2-3 times, but one feeding is really not bad at all! I'll be excited when they finally drop that feeding, but because of their adjusted age, I'm thinking it will be closer to March/April! We always feed both babies at the same time. In fact, up until this week, they had never not been fed at the same time or back to back. This week, I made a dumb mistake and figured I would just feed Daisy at 1am and see if Dalton could make it longer since he was still fast asleep. I won't be doing that again for awhile. Dalton made it until 3:30, but the problem was after getting up with Daisy at 1:30 and then going back to bed at 2, I was exhausted getting up with him at 3:30. Never again. If I feed one baby, I go ahead and feed the other. End of story.

Next topic: laundry. It never ends!!!!! No, seriously! It never ends. I basically do 2 loads a day and sometimes 3 if Josh and Fen have been outside a lot and have more dirty clothes than normal. I also do 2 dishwasher loads a day. It is legit crazy when it comes to laundry/dishes/bottles. Reflux babies go through about 70000000000 burp cloths and bibs a day, I tell ya. Praise God for washing machines, dryers, and dishwashers. Without these luxuries, I can't even imagine what I would be doing.

Next topic: Fen. Fen is 2 years 9 months this month, and I absolutely LOVE this stage with him. He's my little buddy, and he genuinely keeps me entertained with his stories, songs, and temper tantrums. We have a lot of fun together, and he is a big help when it comes to the twins. He brings me diapers, wipes, burp cloths, pacis, bibs, etc. If only he could do laundry and get up in the middle of the night with them, too. Then I would have my own personal housekeeper!! He loves being outside 24/7. If he had it his way, we would never come inside unless he needed snacks. The boy loves to eat, and he is obsessed with his cousin, Jackson. At least 10 times a day, he says, "mommy, Jackson's my cousin!" It cracks me up, and I know my SIL is sick of the videos I send her of him saying this! He loves kissing on the babies, and he talks all the time about how he gets to hold them more when they get bigger!

In just 2 weeks, the babies will be 3 months old. How did that happen? I really don't know, but time seems to be going really fast right now.

2 Month Stats:
Height: 22 1/4
Weight: 11 lbs.

Height: 21 3/4
Weight: 10 lbs.

2 Month Alternative Schedule Vaccines:
Hepatitis (when they were born at hospital)

I'll leave you with what I have found to be MUST HAVES for twins:
-Rock n plays (SERIOUSLY. If you buy nothing else, buy two rock n plays. It's impossible for someone to always be holding both babies, and this elevates them instead of always having them lay flat on the floor, especially if you have reflux babies)
-Bottles (Even if you plan to breastfeed, at some point you might need someone's help feeding a baby whether you pump or supplement. Bonus if you can
color coordinate so that you always know whose bottle belongs to who).
-Wipes (More than you can ever imagine needing)
-Diapers (More than you can ever imagine needing)
-Video baby monitor with two cameras (Sometimes, I honestly can't tell who is crying without looking at the screen).
-Blankets, bibs, burp cloths (More than you can ever imagine needing-a few will probably be in the wash, 2-3 being used, and 2-3 in the closet).
-Pacifiers (A few different kinds until you know which ones they like)
-Bows (Do I need to give a reason for this)??????

There's obviously a lot more things like clothes, crib/pack n play, sheets, etc. but these are just a few things that have been huge for us! Well, that's all for now. Until next time!


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